Agriculture removes phosphorus from the soil in the products.

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Phosphorus (P) is the most commonly applied nutrient in southwest Victoria and so determining the optimum amount to apply has a significant impact on farming systems and profitability.

It helps run the ‘power station’ inside every plant cell and has a key role in energy storage and transfer. Phosphorus is necessary for all growth processes and for the nodulation of rhizobia bacteria and nitrogen fixation.

The growth of new pastures can be severely restricted when the soil is deficient in phosphorus. As animals derive their phosphorus requirements from pastures, animal production may also be affected by low phosphorus levels.

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Lime, Gypsum, Urea, Dry Manure and Slug Baits

Variable Rate Product Application

Superior Spreading has the technology to ensure both cost saving and product saving. You are guaranteeing yourself the latest in technology to get your soil maintenance to the level you are seeking – without having to apply unncessary product.

Our leading edge technology includes scales that allow for accurate calibrations of product and record keeping.

The berry engineering chain bed spreader safeguards your crop by providing a spreader that gives 100% positive feed of product to the spinners.

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We also offer a Side Tipping Trailer and product orders.

Side Tipping Trailer

We have a side tipping trailer available to carry more product to you.

Product Orders

We can arrange and collect your orders directly with the suppliers.

VR Mapping

When it comes to VR mapping, we liaise with the agronomists throughout the process to obtain maps.

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