Gypsum is mainly used as a soil ameliorant to improve the structure of sodic and magnesic soils.

Product Details

Gypsum is the common name of hydrated calcium sulfate, which has the chemical formula CaSO4.2H2O.

Gypsum is mainly used as a soil ameliorant to improve the structure of sodic and magnesic soils. Gypsum may also be used, at lower rates, as:
• a sulfur fertiliser;
• a calcium fertiliser.

Gypsum is sparingly soluble. A fine particle size helps gypsum dissolve more quickly in the soil, but this is not as critical as it is for lime.

Gypsum has little if any effect on soil pH. It cannot be used as a substitute for lime to correct soil acidity, i.e. to raise the pH.

While sparingly soluble, gypsum is one of the more soluble calcium compounds. It is over 100 times more soluble in water than calcium carbonate or lime (at neutral pH of 7), but much less soluble than calcium nitrate or calcium chloride, which are used in fertigation programs and as foliar fertilisers.

Gypsum contains sulfur as sulfate, the form taken up by plant roots. The sulfur in gypsum is therefore readily available so that gypsum can be used where a quick response to sulfur is required.

Gypsum can also be used to improve the infiltration rate of low conductivity irrigation water, and for water clarification.

5 Key Benefits Of Gypsum You Should Know:

  1. Source of calcium and sulfur for plant nutrition.
  2. Improves acid soils and treats aluminum toxicity.
  3. Improves soil structure.
  4. Improves water infiltration.
  5. Helps reduce runoff and erosion.

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